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Day Pass
From $65

Take all day to explore everything that we have to offer. Feel free to come and go as you please as this pass will give you all day access!

Cinematic VR
From $65

Spend a full two hours and feel like you're living a movie in these fully immersive experiences only available on weekdays.

Crowd Games
From $10

These games allow the opportunity to interact with the user without having to wear a headset your self! If you're skeptical about VR this is a perfect way to still have fun. 1 headset can occupy up to 8 players.

Free Play
From $10

Don't know what you want to try? That's totally understandable! Reserve a time for free play and explore all of your options with the help of our well-trained staff and find the best experience for you. With hundreds of titles to choose from there is quite literally something for everyone! Subject to availability.

VR Treadmills & Flight Simulator
From $10

Our VR treadmills allow an infinite play space and added level of immersion. Full comprehension can take some time, but provides a VR experience on another level! Team up and learn with a friend. Select from a variety of experiences upon arrival.

Escape Rooms
From $45

Team up with friends & family and put your problem-solving skills to the test. With a wide variety of virtual environments, these experiences are designed to be a challenge. Accommodates 1-6 players depending on location.


Bring the fun to your next event or just for a fun day with friends!

Movie Night
From $5

Starting at $5