Game Spotlight: Beat Saber

Hey everyone! Kit here, with the first entry in our series putting the spotlight on some of the Virtual Reality games you can experience when you come to VR Arcade USA. Today, we’re looking at one of the most popular games we offer, Beat Saber. Without further ado, let’s check it out!

Have you found yourself watching Star Wars and thought to yourself, “Wow, it looks super cool to use a lightsaber”, but maybe you want something a little less violent? If so, Beat Saber is the game for you. A musical rhythm game in the vein of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, Beat Saber puts the power of a lightsaber in your hands, but instead of taking down enemies, you’re slicing blocks to the beat of the music. With an incredible soundtrack featuring hits from a range of artists such as Lady Gaga, Queen, Billie Eilish, Fall Out Boy, and the game’s very own original soundtrack, you’re guaranteed to find a song that gets your body moving and your blood pumping.

Beat Saber is one of the games I love to recommend to both people who are brand new to Virtual Reality and VR pros alike because it always gives players a fun experience. This is because, unlike many VR games, you don’t have to walk around, as you’re staying in a mostly stationary position aside from dodging or leaning away from obstacles that come your way. This helps even the playing field and avoids giving players motion sickness. What that means is anyone can play without worrying about getting too dizzy. Additionally, Beat Saber includes multiplayer options, which means you can play together with up to 4 people all chopping away to the same song.

You might worry that because you’re not great at games, this will be too difficult, but Beat Saber comes with extensive options to tweak your experience as needed, including No Fail mode so you can keep playing no matter how many blocks you might miss and No Arrows mode which removes the need to slice the blocks in a certain direction. Too easy? You can make the arrows disappear or blocks move faster if you want, too! Truly, Beat Saber is a game that allows you to cater the experience so you can have fun no matter what.

Check out one of my favorites from the original soundtrack, “Escape” by Jaroslav Beck ft. Summer Haze:

If you want to give Beat Saber a shot, just visit us at either our Loveland, Denver, or Colorado Springs locations. You can book your experience ahead of time here.

Until next time, I’ve been Kit. Keep playing!

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